Complete & Balanced Diet Series
All formulas meets AAFCO nutritional standards.

100% virgin timber, natual odor control with no any perfume added.

Recipe #77 Series
77% food with 23% fish broth nothing hidden; No high gluten white rice but healthy brown rice.

Little Farm by the Sea Series
100% Natural. Limited-ingredients. Never unpronounceable ingredients. Simple and healthy recipe just like homemade.

Hairball Control Series
100% Natural tuna with yummy gravy. Specially add hairball control formula to help reduce hairball formation, reduce odor and maintain healthy digestion.

Signature Gravy Series
Luxury Yellowfin mix with Skipjack tuna - 100% Natural big tuna white meat flakes.

Signature Sauce Series
Each variant has different nutrition supplement for your cats which is a good rotation for feeding while change flavors to delight your cats.

Original Sauce Series
Natural tuna red, white meat ratio – 20%/80% Red/White meats, taste like a whole tuna.

Original Recipe Series
100% Natural tuna white meat – Simple, pure nutrition from original food. Only “meat, gelling agent and water”, no others.

Delight Series
100% big slice tuna loin flakes, taste like eating a real tuna!

Mornings Series
95% white with 5% red tuna loin meat gives a best hint to increase palatability.

Healthy Living Series
Fresh and irresistible yummy tuna with digestion and reduce odor functions.

Original Series
Real meat but dry snack. Simply ONE natural ingredient! NO others.

Plant-Based Shampoo
Main ingredient Geraniol is an efficient plant-based fleas and ticks repellent.